VELO's insides


If you've allways wondered what your PHILIPS VELO 500 looks like on the inside, i opened it up you! ;) WARNING: Don't try this at home kids! i'm an untrained amature, but i know what the hell i'm doing! You can seriously damage you velo if you try this yourself!

Why did i do this?? well i want to try and run LINUX or NETBSD on the thing, because neither philips nor microsoft are doing anything to keep windows CE 2.0 and the apropriate software up to date. But most of all: IT'S FUN ;) I had to find out what was inside it the hard way, well actually al already new what was in there for the most part, but i wanted to know for sure and more detailed then the info that is out there on the net.

As far is i have been able to make out, the velo bares a striking resamlens to the SHARP MOBILON 4100, and i have seen people reporting thei have been running the linux kernel on 4500 wich has a coulor screen in stead of a grayscale one, but it seems to be the same platform.

As far ad my atempt to running linux go, i've tried the psdbootloader in combination with the generic TX3912 (mobilon CPU, same as the pr31700 in the velo) NETBSD Kernel (see didn't seem to work, neither did the mobilon kernel i saw someone talking about in the LINUXCE mailing list. Ohwell.. haven't given it a good try yet.. I'll update if necesary.

If you have any comment or sugestions (not about the spelling PLEASE ;) oh okey, you may correct my spelling if you realy want to...) you can mail me at:

This is the mainboard of the velo
This is where the keyboard is located, on the back of the mainboard
On the top is the board responsible for the microphone and modem on the bottem is the back of the display
Here you can see the other side of the mic/modem/touchpad pcb wich is only made up of a UCB1200
This is the front of the display, you can see the 4 wire touch screen verry clearly