Linux on Philips Velo 500

If you want to run linux on your velo 500, you can find a precomplied test kernel here. It's at an early developemente stage right now, but supports framebuffer (screen) and keyboard. All you'll be getting is a simple sh.

WARNING! All data on your velo will be lost!!!!

Get pbsdboot1.exe (134K) and vmlinux (3.3M!)here.
Place them in the root directory on you velo and run pbsdboot1.exe
Change "/netbsd" in "\vmlinux" and select "mobilon 4100/4500".
Then click boot, yes and ok (you'll get an error, but ignore it ;)
Now you should see a penguin with what looks to me like a beer and a shell.

[27-3] Haven't done anything in ages, sorry! Maybe I wil sometime soon. Maybe not ;)

Click here if you want to see the insides of your velo 500.